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Are you being overcharged for medical services?    Are you being charged for services you did not receive?    Do your medical bills have “surprises” in them?  Do you have insurance denials?  Many hospital and physician bills have errors.    Insurance payments may be too low and the patient balance may be too high.

 Let’s make sense of your medical bills and look for savings

Help is available from an expert in physician and hospital billing. 

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Linda has more than 25 years of experience in billing for all physician specialties and hospital services at two top academic medical centers. 

She is a member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, APHA


  • Review medical bills and insurance statements (EOBs) for errors and overcharges.

  • Negotiate charges with hospitals, physicians and other providers.

  • Review denied insurance claims and file appeals.

  • Review out-of-network bills and resolve high charges


(650) 393-3447

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What People Are Saying

"Saved me a lot of money and provided emotional support to combat the stress involved in surprise medical bills and insurance claim denials.  I work for healthcare and even I am confused by the 'maze'.  Will be sure to refer any friends and family for your help."


 " My husband needed an emergency procedure but it was not pre-authorized so the insurance company denied payment.  Linda negotiated large discounts from the facility, surgeon and anesthesiologist, which greatly reduced the patient balances.  This has been a lesson learned for me and my family. I would be glad to provide a reference for Linda's billing services." 


Linda was able to make sense and cut through red tape with the dual insurance companies I have.  She was able to get tens of thousands of dollars off my bills.


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